“Coolwell not only sells machines,


but offers technical and design solutions”


Carlos Ocaña

General Director

Juan Luis Ocaña

Strategy Director

Carlos Castaño

Logistics Director

Raquel Navamuel

Marketing Director

Luis Alguacil

Technical Director

Doco Technologies launched Coolwell

In January 2017, the company DOCO Technologies decided to launch its own brand of air conditioning, Coolwell.

The last air conditioning and refrigeration exhibition has become a resounding success, closing important agreements.

Our air conditioning equipments have the highest quality standards, with classification A ++ in cold and A +++ in heating. Nevertheless, the strong point of our brand is the wide personalization of the machines, to create a harmony with the style of your home.

Our customers and distributors come first. We are always ready to cooperate.

Our short and medium-term goals are to internationalize the brand and include other types of products.