Industrial Range 2018

Industrial Series – Terminal Units


Coolwell has a wide range of Fancoils: high wall, cassette, duct, floor and high pressure duct units.

Industrial Series – Direct Expansion

CDHP – High Static Pressure Conduits


Improved Battery Performance

In CDHP series Coolwell includes aluminum batteries with anti-corrosion treatment and an advanced indoor unit design, to improve the heat exchange and obtain better performance.

High Efficiency Filter

Due to the operating features, in CDHP series, the air filter is designed to resist wear better by periodic cleaning and obtain better air quality.

Extensive Air Diffusion Zone

The indoor CDHP series units of Coolwell are equipped with a ventilation system able of withstanding a static pressure up to 150 Pascals, up to 50 m of the ventilation pipe.

Wide Operating Range

Duct air conditioners with high static pressure can work well at extreme temperatures from -15 ° C in winter to 49 ° C in summer.


(Ud. Interior + Ud. Exterior)

Power (Kcal/h) EER / COP
CDHP-80IU + CDHP-80OU 18.920 – 21.070 2.7 / 3.3
CDHP-100IU + CDHP-100OU 22.360 – 26.660 2.7 / 3.3